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This tasty coffee is very special to us. Five years ago, a mutual friend introduced me to Erlin Nolasco - a young and motivated coffee producer in Marcala, Honduras who manages his father's farm, Finca Emmanuel. While I've had the honor of purchasing their coffee for others in the past, this is Máquina's first time buying this coffee directly and we are elated!

Finca Emmanuel found themselves in a tough situation with the pandemic. When the opportunity arose for us to support this family, we took it. Through genuine friendship and care, we were able to help the Nolasco family get through these tough times by purchasing their coffee this year and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Every coffee producer has their own unique needs to care for their land and their communities. In addition to purchasing the Nolasco family's coffee, Máquina will be purchasing the equipment they need to continue operations. Your purchase of this bag directly contributes to Nolasco’s ability to maintain a healthy, thriving farm. For every bag of Finca Emmanuel purchased, $1 will go to Erlin’s technical needs for equipment on the farm and $1 will go to Benjamin Paz’s project to help rebuild the communities affected by Hurricane Eta that devastated many areas around the country a few months ago. We'll continue to have important conversations as to what the evolving needs are, create a plan to fund them in a responsible way, and share the progress with you.

If you'd like to do more to help the people of Honduras, please consider donating to the campaign for Honduras relief: Rebuilding from Hurricane Eta

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